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Why a Cookbook of Recipes for Garlic Lovers?

If I ask the question, would you like to get a cookbook for FREE, what would you tell me?
Yes, I have a cookbook coming out, and I want to give you a copy of it for free, are interested?
Now that I have my business, I have to put it to run and I need to have some products to offer in the consumer market. right? 

As I mentioned in the previous text, setting up a business and then deciding what to sell is part of the plans. But until you reach a consensus to have good products on your list, it is also complicated and time consumed. 

So what did I do? As I had already stated that I would sell kitchen products, such as utensils, I decided to create something to help the consumers decide to purchase my product.

That’s when I asked the question. What do I like when it comes to food?

I love garlic, I love Onions, I love green papers and I love vegetables, in general.

Then the light blinked and I found a way to create a product to sell in my online store.

But first, I need to create something that will help me in spreading it out there. Or rather add benefit to the product.

But what product? I did not have a product yet, I just knew that I wanted to sell products that were kitchen utensils related. But I had not defined anything yet.

Then came the idea of writing a cookbook. I also did not know how to write a cookbook. I am not a chef and I don’t have any skills to write a cookbook. And there are so many cookbooks out there. One more what a hack, 

No problem. I do not want to look like I’m a chef. I’m just going to create a cookbook to give to the possible clients in the future. That was the whole idea. I want to give something away to make an email list.
Now I knew that I wanted to come up with a cookbook. Then, I came up with the name. “Garlic Lovers Recipes”. To me, that title sounds great. And it will catch the eye of those that like to cook. It would catch my attention. What do you think?

How Can I Write a Cookbook?

So, now we have a cookbook for garlic lovers. Isn’t that cool? and I am going to create a product in the home and kitchen category, which will be a utensils set. But before it comes to the market, I have a cookbook dedicated to those folks that love food seasoned with garlic.

An aerial shot of a chef cooking with several pans on the hob in his restaurant kitchen.

Now I have to put the band to play together. If the cookbook is out there and people like the recipes in the book, they will be leaning to find more garlic trends. That was my whole idea coming together, to play!

So, I have to spread the world with this cookbook. Have a beautiful ad on Facebook, is probably the best way to go. Also, a video that could tell a story of a home meal that has garlic as its principal seasoning.

How can I do that?

First, I have the ad on Facebook running for a week or two. That ad is collecting emails. Those emails will be the door I needed to open to sell my product, that I should have by now. I think this is one way to go.

So, If you are the blog reader, would you leave your email address to us in exchange for some cooking recipes?

Ok then, during the time you are reading this blog post, a pop up will come up, asking for you to join our newsletter. Please do that now to get in first hand our cooking tips. It can be a recipe for example.

But we do really have a cookbook coming out pretty soon. It will be dedicated to Garlic Lovers. Garlic is one of the best flavors out there. I hope you agree with me.

But not only that. Garlic is a source of health. Therefore, this book will be very helpful in many different ways. I have a copy selected for you, Please stay tuned and in about a week it will be ready.

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