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I Have a Cookbook, Can Opener and Some Utensils for You!

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I don’t know why, but I have decided that I have a Cookbook, a can opener and some utensils for you to choose from. Yes, you’re going to pick one of them, and I will give it to you’. Just keep reading this blog post, and you’ll get your prize at the end.

Here at Goods & Things, we love our customers. For that reason, we’re are always giving things away, for free. Some times these are not totally free. We require you to pay for Shipping and handling, for example. But you still get the item for free. Isn’t that great?

I am completely committed to making my customers happy. If you’ve already purchased from us, you probably know our customer service. We do everything possible, to make sure you have the best experience online shopping.

If you’re new to this community, please stick around. Soon or later, you’re going to purchase some item from one of our websites. There, you’re going to find out that we sell products with great quality. That’s our first step to make you happy.

So. Below this post, we’re going to list all of our websites, besides the major one. Which is this one here?

I Have a Cookbook

This could be your first prize here today. If you’re reading this blog post until this point, you probably like to cook, like food. Who doesn’t right?

Ok then. If you like food, perhaps you want to be able to cook a different meal here and there. I with you, because I was never a good cook, but I decided that I had to cook, and I have learned.

What made me learn to cook was my kids. In the past, we were ordering food from outside. For me, that didn’t sound too good. My kids could be eating contaminated food or anything that was made in a clean environment.

All those doubts made me put my hands into cooking. Today I am pretty good and they love my food.

So, you can do the same. And for that reason, I want to give you a copy of my cookbook. It’s called “Recipes for Garlic Lovers”. Garlic is the best seasoning out here and you should be using it on a daily bases.

It gives a great flavor to your food and helps you live a healthier life. Do you need any more reason to use garlic?

Can Opener

You may have at home one of those manual Can Opener that takes too much of power and energy to open up a can. please get rid of this.

We have created a can opener that’s total hands-free. All you need is a set of 4 batteries and a push of a button. Have you seen those yet?

There’s not much to say, except this. This can opener is an excellent tool for those with arthritis problem that takes away the ability to work with their hands. I hope that’s you, but in case you have anyone in the family that has arthritis, here is the solution, in case they have to open a can of food.

Other than that, watch this video now.

Garlic Press Crusher Set

This is another product from Goods & Things. We like this combination, Garlic Lovers Recipes Cookbook, and this set of gadgets that we have created to speed up the process of cooking. Better, to make easier to deal with garlic.

We know that Garlic smells a bit too much. Therefore, these Garlic Press tools come to make your hand stay free of the smell. Besides, the set brings in the same box, one silicone garlic peeler, one vegetable peeler, and one little cleaning brush. This cleaning brush takes the extra garlic out of the garlic press and you will not touch any garlic with your fingers.

we have a video for that as well!

As I said, you have some free today. First, I want to give you a copy of my Cookbook. Here is how you’ll get it.

Click this link to download the Free Cookbook PDF.

But I also have a physical product free for you.

One of our pages is It means, there’s something free and you can Claim at any time. In this case, we’re asking for your help with Shipping and Handling.


We’re giving away an item, but you still have to pay for shipping. The shipping part of it is just a few dollars. So, go ahead, claim your free stuff today!

I also want to invite you to visit other pages of ours.

Sports and outdoors. Visit us here.

Is there a kid running in the family. We may have a toy here!

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