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36 Things Only 1990s Kids Will Remember

How Was to Grow Up in the 1990s?

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36 Things Only 1990s Kids Will Remember.

There are a lot more than 36 things that you could remember from the 1990s. Who Am I to do this to this generation? Don’t you worry, I will not make you cry? No, of course not…

I should probably note here that I’m also technically a child of the ’80s. However, given that I was all of five years old when that particular decade ended, I don’t remember a whole lot from it — mostly vague recollections of episodes of Under the Umbrella Tree and Hypercolor t-shirts. The ’90s though? Hoo boy. Those, I remember, and frequently fondly. While it’s true that we tend to look back on bygone eras through a pair of proverbially pink spectacles — which means that the times likely weren’t as cool when we were right in the thick of them as we remember them later on — there’s no denying that being a kid in the ’90s shaped a lot of us in ways that growing up in other decades might not have.

You know, as odd as the 1990s could sometimes be, there are plenty of reasons to be glad you grew up in the ’90s. I know I have a few — the 21 reasons seen here, for example. Obviously, I am just one person, but there are some things about growing up in specific generations that are more or less universal, right?

The Internet sort of lost its awe-inspiring appeal as it became more and more common — but if you’re a ’90s kid, you’re a member of the last generation who can still recall when going online was a novel experience. There’s something to be said for that, I think.

Of course, this might also be viewed as a disadvantage; it may have left many unprepared for the recession that hit just as a ton of former ’90s kids were entering the real world. But all things considered, there are many, many worse conditions in which to grow up than during a time of prosperity.

What A Day In The Life Of A ’90s Kid Would Look Like?

Of Course, everyone experienced the ’90s differently, and some remember the time more fondly than others. But if you were a pop-culture obsessed, Gen Y adolescent here’s what your average Friday may have looked like.

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the epoch of grunge rock, it was the epoch of boy bands, it was the season of frosted tips, it was the season of slap bracelets, it was the spring of the home computer, it was the winter of dial-up, it was…the ’90s.* For many Millennials, the ‘90s is a time steeped deeply in nostalgia. It was the decade that saw us through late-childhood, adolescence, and into early adulthood, a transformational period that now seems softened and safe, even if it didn’t feel that way at the time.

So, I have a little ebook here just to make you remember those years of your childhood. Download it here

Kids who turned 18 last year were born in 1999 (let that sink in for a second). Technology has changed a lot since then.

It was a better time, a simpler time. Doesn’t life without dating apps and smartphones seem pretty nice right about now?

That said, anyone born after 1999 will never know what it was like to carry around CD cases, fold up a paper map, or be reliant on a payphone to reach your friends. Here are 22 things that people born after 1999 would have a hard time explaining.

Vintage Nickelodeon Merchandise

Kidrobot and Nickelodeon have teamed up to bring Nick 90’s Nostalgia to 90’s kids everywhere with limited edition Nick 90s toys, art toy figures and collectibles celebrating your favorite Nickelodeon 90’s cartoons.  Collect over 38 of your favorite Nick characters from Nickelodeon tv shows like The Ren and Stimpy Show, Rocko’s Modern Life, Hey Arnold!, Aaahh!!! Real Monsters, Rugrats, Spongebob Squarepants, CatDog, The Angry Beavers and The Wild Thornberrys.

Stay tuned to Kidrobot social for announcements coming very soon on future limited edition Nick 90’s collectibles coming in 2019.

Making his world debut in 1991 on Rugrats “At the Movies,” (Episode 3, Season 1) REPTAR won the hearts of Tommy Pickles and 90’s kids everywhere.  On Rugrats, the fierce REPTAR dinosaur was idolized by the Rugrats gang and the world with REPTAR movies, “Reptar on Ice” ice-skating shows, the face of REPTAR cereal, terrifying audiences on tv shows, turning tongues REPTAR green with Reptar Candy Bars and even taking the world of toys by storm with REPTAR toys REPTAR dolls and action figures.

Today, some of those kids that were born at the beginning of the 1990s, are parenting today, I bet. If this is your case, I am wondering what would you give to your kids today, as a toy. An Ipad, iPhone or something similar to what you had back then?

And here is what you had back then. Nickelodeon Nick, one of the most popular toys around the houses. learn a bit more about this guy, as I bet you have forgotten about him.

Even today, still one of the best for your kids. Not only because it was popular when you were growing up. But because your child going to love them…

Don’t bet, just try it!

By the way, the 36 Things Only 1990s Kids Will Remember is in the ebook that I am giving to you in this article. Please read it, it’s very interesting for today’s parents.

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