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Garlic Press and Mincer with Silicone Garlic Rocker and Peeler Kitchen Tool Set

Professional Food Prep Grade, Dishwasher Safe.

After I ordered this, I was really excited to receive a proper garlic press. Then I stopped…I’m legitimately EXCITED for a new GARLIC PRESS. I took some time to stop and reflect as I’m pretty sure this is the hallmark of an old person or just that I’m a little bit more dead inside. I took a good half hour to sit and contemplate where all the good years went and how my angsty teen years where I felt like I was misunderstood and alone were really the best years of my life.

Anyhow, that’s neither here nor there, the garlic press is sturdy, the tube bit works great for quickly unpeeling a clove. The garlic press fits MAYBE two cloves of garlic. I also dig that it comes with a little brush for getting some of the garlic bits out. Unless that brush is used for something else I’m unaware of. That’s what I use it for. I’m new to the whole excited for kitchen utensils club.

How did I miss writing a review on this?! So you may be thinking to spend $20ish bucks for a garlic press. You have lost your mind. Yes, this is what my mother and doh said. You could spend as little as $7, which I don’t recommend. Or as much as $44+ and as you will guess I wouldn’t recommend that one either.

So what can be said about a garlic press? If it works it works right? Well, this does work. I have had it for over a year with no problems. No sticking of the handles, no rust, easy to clean. I use it daily if not multiple times a day as I cook meals for two other households as well so honestly at times it gets used 15x a day when cooking up monthly meals.

Will anyone notice it no? Honestly, you will use it and never give it another thought until your at someone’s house and use their crappy one and think with your inside voice what a piece of crap your friend has and then hey this would be a good gift for Christmas for them (only if their serious about food)! Or you may have to fend off said friend when they use yours. Will you wax poetically about it? Probably not but if you do please send it to me! I can always use a good laugh.

Garlic Press and Mincer

This is the 4th garlic press I have purchased because I was not happy with the prior three. I KNEW there had to be something better out there. I read dozens of reviews and the Orblue was in the top 3 on several sites. I took a chance and spent the money on it and I am glad I did! honestly, I don’t think I will ever have to buy another one again. This press is so sturdy and works so effortlessly! I have tiny, skinny hands and this does not hurt my hand or wrist to use. I will definitely be using garlic more in my cooking since now I don’t have to dread mincing it by hand or using a mediocre garlic press. I highly recommend this press!!!

This thing is the best. I cook a lot with garlic and often have to chop it very fine OR I will just use a grater, but this does the trick and is much easier. Easy peasy. Just press it. Quick and painless. It’s also nice and heavy, so you don’t feel like it will fall apart at any moment. Good quality! The roller is also very convenient to quickly peel the garlic.

To use, place your garlic in the chamber (after you have peeled it), press down (the garlic will come out of the back), scrape it off (I use a sharp steak knife to scrape off the pressed garlic into a dish), then open it up and clean out the chamber (I use my steak knife for removing this as well) and add another piece.

Do NOT try to use it again before cleaning out the chamber, the “skin” from the garlic will begin to build up and you won’t be able to get it through. Also, use one piece at a time, even if they are small, as the skins may cross each other.

Wash by hand and I find it dries best if you can have it spread out with all parts exposed.

Cooking Faster with this Garlic Press Rocker

This product makes peeling and mincing garlic a breeze! I cook a lot, and my family and I love garlic, so we use it often for cooking. Peeling and mincing garlic by hand isn’t hard, but I hated the way my hands would smell for days after using it. No matter what I tried I couldn’t get the smell off of my hands, and since we use garlic, pretty much daily, my hands smell of garlic constantly.

This little guy is a game changer for me. First of all, the garlic peeler is awesome. I had seen things like it on TV but never thought they actually would work. I was wrong! Using that along with the garlic press pretty much takes hand contact out of the equation, and now, no more smelly hands!

The brush it comes with is also very handy when cleaning to make sure I get out all the residue to ensure the press doesn’t become clogged. I use this press so much and it has held up beautifully. This now has a special place in my kitchen.

I had an old pampered chef garlic press that was past it’s prime and I decided to finally by a new garlic press. I use mine weekly and I am pretty picky about my kitchen gadgets, I cook a lot. I am very satisfied with the quality…it does the job and looks very sharp as well. It cleans up nice in the dishwasher. I would highly recommend this press.

We had no idea what the soft tubular item that came with our garlic press until we looked at the picture. We’ve never heard of a garlic rocker before, but we love it. The product as a whole works wonders for us and keeps our hands off the garlic as much as possible.

No more slicing and dicing to get our minced garlic; no more buying jars of minced garlic that may have sat in the store for months, and then even longer in our fridge. Now we can have fresh minced garlic in a snap.

I spend a lot of time researching products new to me. I use to read the bad reviews 1st. If there are a lot of them i move on. I look for products that have a lot of reviews. Products with very few usu aren’t worth my time.

The Orblue garlic press has LOTS of reviews, many rates it highly. I agree 100%. Now that we have it we’re adding healthy garlic to all the food I think will benefit from it. This press is very easy to use. It does exactly what it says. We haven’t used the peeler/roller because we get the partially peeled garlic in bags. We didn’t know those individual cloves still have a little bit of skin. This press gives us just the garlic & leaves the peel remnant in the hopper. & that’s easy to clean.

I’m REALLY happy we got this peeler. It’s very easy to use & clean. It feels good in the hand & it makes fast work of our food prep. As far as I’m concerned, it’s all positive; no cons!

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