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Led Headlamp Brightest High 6000 Lumen LED Work Headlight Flashlight with Zoomable Work Light

Head Lights for Camping, Hiking and Outdoors.

Very – Very bright lights; GREAT for running! You can see almost a full mile ahead of you plus all around you. You can adjust the scope of the light as well. Perfect for running trails/road in the dark.

hen I first purchased this item and went running, the headlamp became extremely uncomfortable. I initially thought that I was wearing it too tight so I loosened it but then it started jiggling very badly. Then the top strap broke after a few miles. Seems very poorly put together. I was so disappointed because the lamps put out so much light and I run early in the morning when it’s dark.

I posted a negative review and the company contacted me immediately. Seems like I received a defective product. The headlamp was missing the padding on the light housing that sits on your head and the straps were defective. They immediately sent me a replacement at no additional cost. Already used the replacement and it rocks! Great led headlamp and great customer service. You cannot beat the price for this.

This headlamp is really great quality, from the appearance to the lighting. It has 3 lightening options and you can zoom them in and out to make the light really big or small making it a great headlamp for all jobs! It’s so really comfy to wear, I expected to be uncomfortable based on the battery storage in the back. But it’s just fine.

I recommend this headlamp for all night jobs like car fixing, camping, and also any light outages. I love that it’s rechargeable as well

Led Headlamp Rechargeable

I bought this product due since it was rechargeable. I have been very pleased with it, as it has exceeded my expectations.

I have owned several headlamps of this type, but they all use relatively expensive (for the energy content) AAA batteries in order to be lightweight. Most put out relatively little light, and they consume batteries quickly.

This headlamp is bulkier due to the larger, lithium-ion batteries, but the batteries are in the back, so the weight is balanced and it stays comfortably on my head. It is solidly built. The light is very powerful, and has 4 modes:

– adjustable beam (which can be adjusted very wide, really helping with peripheral vision)
– spotlight beam
– combo of adjustable and spotlight — this is the setting I used most often
– flashing combo (good for signaling, etc.)

It’s great to run the unit in combo mode at full brightness because you don’t have to care about using up batteries. Two more great features: 1) the Lithium Ion batteries are replaceable and non-proprietary, and 2) the charger unit indicates the state of the battery charge (red, yellow, green)

This is a great product, especially for the price, and I can’t think of how it could be improved.

some people do use this headlamp for walking my dog at night keeps me hands-free and able to hold her leash better! Its lightweight and has a strong design! It’s very bright and durable.

We first tried these in Hawaii while staying at a B&B. They are fabulous and light up as much as you need and then some. They are excellent and comfortable and can be used for almost any activity outside.

$25 to $40 is this light worth it? Well, first of all, the $10 case it comes is very nice. The 2 rechargeable batteries that will run you $10 that they threw in are nice, AND the $5 USB cable that comes with it works great for using your light with a power source like a wall outlet or battery pack. So with all that EXTRA stuff they gave you, it’s like you received a FREE light.

But you guys don’t care about any of that stuff. Let’s talk about this SPOTLIGHT that comes with a head strap. The only negative is how much it weighs. My headlight that holds 3aaa batteries weighs 2.7 oz. This spotlight that has a head strap attached weighs 8.5 oz mainly because of the two 18650 batteries that are located at the back of your head. Everything else is great, the 3 modes, tilt and zoom. And that you can easily see far far far away. You won’t be disappointed, especially since the light is “kinda free.”

Also, It is very comfortable easy to use light. I have been looking for headlight since I take my dog out for a walk at night. The area I live in is very dark so I used to use my phone light to navigate my way but now I use this headlight. It is very bright and easy to use.

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