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Amazon Basics 18-Piece Dinnerware Set Blue Accent.

grade porcelain for everyday use

So far, we love these dishes. They are lightweight and clean up really easily. They seem durable, so far we haven’t cracked or chipped any of them. I hope they continue to hold up well! We love that this set doesn’t come with mugs since it seems as all dinnerware sets come with mugs and our cupboards are overflowing with them already.

We’ve had these for about a month, and we’ve bought the solid white Amazon Basics 18-Piece Dinnerware Set. We’ve had the solid white set for a few years now, and wanted to have something with a little more flair. If you’ve had other AmazonBasics dinnerware sets, they all are the same basic shapes and blend well together. The pattern on these is durable. We’ve had these dishes for about two months now, and with regular hand washing, the pattern has remained unscratched.

I really love this dinnerware set, it is exactly how the picture looks. The big plates are a great size as well as the other two. They look expensive even though they are affordable, very easy to clean and very durable. I have used them every day for about a month now and they still look like new. Love them!
Ordered one set to make sure we liked it then ordered a second set. Bowls could be a bit bigger but love the large and small plate sizes. They have held up well after 1-2 months use.
For the price, this is a remarkable basic, solid dinnerware set that adds a spark of color. I purchased it for my employees to use in the office kitchen, and they’ve been pleased in their use of the set.

The Dinnerware Set that you Want to Have.

Just what I was looking for, a dinnerware set without the mugs. I love that it’s a setting for 6. It’s a nice pattern (cool ribbons) and has been easy to clean and dishwasher safe.

This set is service for six, which is the perfect amount of dishes for a couple. We never end up using all of our eight-piece set but run out of dishes with our four-piece set. This dinnerware set does not come with mugs, like most sets, but we don’t need anymore.

I really like the design on these; it’s simple yet elegant and tasteful.

The dishes have done well in the dishwasher. Note these dishes get hot in the microwave; it does no damage to the dish, and the dish cools down quickly enough without cooling the food, but it’s hot when you first get it out and can hurt your fingers.

I don’t know how durable the dishes will be over a long period.

They were packaged very well in a sturdy cardboard box.

This set is currently $40, so a good value.

Dinnerware Set of Salad Plates

These are nothing spectacular. I needed a set of basic dishes without mugs for a rental property and these fit the bill. But I think the dishes at Ikea are nicer/better for about the same price. So, I’m not going to shed a tear if these breaks. In all, the bowls and salad plates look cuter than the dinner plates. So far they’ve held up in the dishwasher.
The set appears to be of poor quality both material and design. Material is too thin; likely to easily break. The design must have been rolled on by machine and is misallied.
The product must have not been inspected at the factory prior to sending or their standards are very low. I have paid less for better quality when purchasing on sale. Additionally, for functionality, the salad plates are too small, more as small dessert plates.
This is a very reasonably priced 6-place-setting set. Note that for each place setting, you get a dinner plate, salad plates, and a soup/cereal bowl. There’s no bread plate or cup/mug, and that suits me just fine since we’re always wanting for cereal bowls. The set is noted to have AB-grade porcelain, indicative of there being an occasional minor imperfection.
I noticed a few little bits here and there, but always on the bottom and certainly nothing I’d have noticed without looking. The design is nicely applied and everything sits well on the table. The cereal/soup bowl is well sized and shaped so that it can easily be used for everything from morning cereal to a bowl of spaghetti and sauce or a healthy supply of soup.

Dinnerware Set for Less Money

The base of each product is labeled with Amazon’s logo along with an imprint indicating the product is dishwasher and microwave safe. This set was manufactured in China. Everything was well packaged and the set arrived without any breakage.

Remember that scene from Father of the Bride when Steve Martin loses it because Hot Dog buns come in packs of 10 but buns come in packs of 8? Well, I always felt that way buying plates – you could only get 4 matching plates, but there are 6 in my family! Apparently, Amazon Basics heard my cries because this is service for 6! Woohoo!

Not only that, but it is a tremendous value. The plates are durable and attractive with what appears to be a modern take on a 1970’s style multi-color stripe. They are great everyday plates, and you also get small saucers and bowls. The bowls are perfect for cereal, soup, etc.

Everything is packed well – nothing arrived chipped or broken. This is a great value for the price, and highly recommended.

Needed new dinner plates at a low cost. These plates were within my budget and I am 100% satisfied. Perfect size; not too big and not too small. I thought for sure they would have chipped by now but continue to look new.
The is a great buy for the value. Looks like you spent a lot of money! I find that a lot of dinnerwear prints are old fashioned so I was glad to see a fun design on a durable dish. They are easy to clean and are lightweight. My only wish was that they also came in separate dishes so you can add to your collection.
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