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Elite Gourmet Maxi-Matic 14-Inch Electric Indoor Grill

Enjoy All Your Low-fat healthy Recipes

Enjoy all the fun of an outdoor BBQ in the comfort of your home with our premium electric indoor grill and prepare the most mouth-watering meals for your family.

This indoor grill is pretty awesome. You have to read the instructions before use or else you won’t be satisfied with the product. The first day I received it I made burgers and corn on it, and surprisingly for being an indoor grill, it gave the corn and burgers the char marks. It heats up quickly and evenly.

The temperature is a little tricky at first, but once you keep using it the more you will get used to the heat. Its also very easy to clean, after I made the burgers and corn, all I did was place it at the bottom of my sink, with some dish soap and hot water running on it for a few minutes and then I left it to soak for an hour, because I was being too lazy to clean it that moment, and the grease practically just slid right off the grill. Overall great purchase.

It does smoke a bit but not a lot, my smoke alarms did not go off. Make sure to spray Pam or put oil on it BEFORE you heat it up, because I put it on once it was heating up and that’s when I got a lot of smoke.
It’s also pretty big, I thought it would be smaller but its not something that fits in a cabinet, more like on top of the fridge type of thing.

Electric Indoor Grill

Customer support is lovely and sent me an updated model of the grill after the older model didn’t meet my needs. so here’s my new review on that!
new model: “Smart & Healthy XL Indoor Electric Grill EGL-6501 By Elite Platinum – 12” x 16”

The new model fixes the old issue I had with uneven heating, and now I can cook meats at the back without worrying about the meats at the front burning.

even heating
– large cooking space and the lid is the same height everywhere unlike the older model
– grease pan is huge so you don’t need to clean it as often if you are lazy like me
– the controls look nicer, the entire thing also feels more sturdy

– it’s way harder to clean the nooks and crannies now
– the lid is very unstable, feels like it doesn’t sit correctly and easily falls into the grill
– smoke isn’t contained as well, the older model did a good job lowering smoke from cooking because of the air sealed lid, this one allows smoke to escape through the sides

overall my review stays mostly the same, cause while some things improved, others declined. the biggest drawback from this new model is its lid and the open side ventilation that allows smoke to escape easier. I’ve already had the lid slip diagonally into the grill because it doesn’t sit securely. it is MUCH better at doing its job now though, and I don’t have to worry about the poor heating elements!
ill give it a 4/5 for the fact it does do its job better, and for the lovely customer support.

The Grill

I had two different sizes of George Foreman grills, as well as another brand that I was never completely happy with. Almost everything I cooked came out like leather if I got the meat done on the inside. This grill, however, cooks perfectly and I’m very happy with it! I’ve made chicken twice and both times it was nice and tender and well done without being burned on the outside. I highly recommend this grill! It was much bigger than I expected so that’s an added bonus for me.

I love this grill! I made steaks literally for the first time ever with it and they turned out perfect! I also grilled some asparagus and shrimp too that also came out great. It was so easy to use and the smoke was minimal. I saw a lot of people in the reviews complaining the drip pan is hard to clean and that things burn and crust up on it but they clearly aren’t reading the manual because you’re supposed to put water in the drip pan.

That’s what helps it from being too smoky and it prevents sticking. I had no problems at all cleaning the drip pan when I put water into the fill line. Took like two seconds to wash and nothing was crusted or baked on it. The grill itself is really easy to clean too. Everything slides right off of it it’s awesome.

Just be sure that you only use plastic or silicon high temp proof utensils and not metal to help the non-stick coating last longer. I also love how big the grill surface is. It’s huge! I had two giant steaks cooking but could have fit in another two of the same size.

This grill had the big grilling surface I could find (grill with a lid anyway). I like the lid a lot. It helps keep in the splatter. While I was looking for an indoor grill almost all of them didn’t include a lid for some dumb reason and having the lid was important to me. This grill checks all the boxes I was looking for.

I can’t wait to have friends over and grill hamburgers and hot dogs for them this summer. I highly recommend this grill! You won’t be disappointed. If I have any problems I will be sure to update my review but for now, I’m very happy with it. It’s probably the best thing I’ve bought from Amazon in a while.

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