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Stainless Steel Kitchen Utensil Set of 29

Nonstick Kitchen Utensils Cookware Set with Spatula

Quality kitchen Utensils that do the heavy lifting for you, means no more constantly replacing that kitchen tool that melted when you left it on the grilled cheese pan too long. No more awful plastic melting into your food. Gone are the days of struggling in the kitchen.

I’m remodeling my kitchen and wanted all new quality kitchen tools, after 45+ years I needed a tool overhaul. These fit the bill nicely! All high-quality stainless steel tools with good strong handles and of a good size. I would recommend purchasing these. They would also make a nice gift.

I Cannot wait to use my new utensils. This is a beautiful set with an array of utensils. Although I haven’t used them yet, the utensils seem sturdy and of good quality. I am Just hoping they don’t scratch my cookware.

Love this set. It’s great and well made. There are a TON of items included, anything you could want and more. They’re strong and good quality. I shared some with my disorder and she loves it all too. You won’t be sorry if you try it. A great addition to your kitchen tools.

I can’t believe the variety of kitchen utensils in this incredible package. All of the products are sturdy and easy to clean. I’m loving having options in my kitchen as most of my utensils are over a decade old and could stand to be replaced. This is such a well-rounded set that it could be the only set you have in your kitchen. This would be an excellent housewarming or wedding gift. Or an anniversary gift for 10 years down the road when everything needs to be replaced.

Great Kitchen Utensils Set.

Great product and amazing customer service. The utensils are perfect, well-made and beautiful. I had one, small glitch, not enough even to mention. But they sent me a follow-up email, and I did mention it. They immediately sent me a whole second set and told me to keep them both. Truly amazing customer service. 10/10 would recommend.

Has Everything You Need.

This is a great deal for a fully matching kitchen utensil set. If you’re just starting out in your first home, this gets you everything you need and then some, as far as kitchen utensils. My absolute favorite of all of the utensils is the draining spatula, which shows in one of my photos. It’s very handy and it’s not a utensil I commonly see sold separately! Would also make a great housewarming gift or bridal shower gift. Great quality.

I bought this along with a silicon set. This is great for the number of pieces and they really sparkle. Some of the pieces for me were a little difficult to handle, the garlic press, the can opener. I need a larger diameter and little more ergometric.

Good product. Some if the pieces are not as good as others. We didn’t need the wine bottle opener, and the garlic press had super sharp edges that almost cut me just pulling it out of the box, and the cheese knife is crap unless you are left-handed and cutting soft cheese. Other than that, I’m very pleased. The majority of the tools are of great quality and work well. The pizza cutter is very sharp. Good purchase.

Would Recommend 

I wish it had a regular set of 6 measuring cups/spoons. The masher handle keeps coming loose. It looks like it’s going to come off but hasn’t yet. Also, the cheese knife leaves something to be desired. Like a straight downward cut. Because of the angle of the blade, it cuts cheese at a weird angle.

So here it is over a year later. The only utensil that has come apart is the spaghetti spoon. Not too shabby.

It is a love set. Everything is great quality, plus it comes with things you wouldn’t think about needing, as the garlic press and cheese knife. I definitely recommend this set for anyone looking to replace their old kitchen utensils or for those just starting out!

Can’t Go Wrong.

I was initially worried the quality wasn’t going to be great on this, but I actually love it. the only item I didn’t love was the cheese knife and that was just a personal preference. The whisk is the most used for sure.

I’ve owned this set for about 2 weeks now and I have absolutely no complaints. I recently moved into a new apartment and found myself without any kitchen utensils and a very small budget for them. These products have saved my cooking life. They’re sturdy and don’t feel flimsy and you really get a bang for your buck. I don’t own a dishwasher but they’ve stood up to several washes in the sink. I also appreciate the holes in the handles so that I can hang them to free up cabinet space. All in all very pleased with my purchase.

So far I really like this set. Some of the edges aren’t as clean as I would like but for the price, you can’t beat it. Hoping that this set holds up well.

I was leary of this set because the price was almost too good to be true. I was surprised when it arrived and was such high quality. It really is more sturdy than some of my Calphalon utensils. It’s a great set and has everything you need. It would be perfect for someone starting out or second home!

This is an all-inclusive set of kitchen gadgets used regularly. The stainless steel color is beautiful and maintains its polish after wash. I bought 2 sets because of its wonderful quality and price.

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