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Led Camping Gear Headlamp Lantern Light Survival Kit.

Led Camping Gear light

Why do you need a great Led Camping Gear for your next trip into the woods? Only if this trip for camping. I really believe you should have the best gears available out there. Also because being on the field without the best gears can be dangerous, and you don’t want that for you.

Camping is a great thing to do. But make sure you’re going to secure you and the ones with you, during that trip. I really recommend you take the best secure action to avoid anything from happening to your group.

As that said, let’s find out the best-Led Camping Gear for your next trip. We going to talk about Led Headlamp, Lantern, Flashlight, and all sort of survival kit for the outside adventures that we love.

Lantern with Ceiling Fan

I purchased this last minute for a camping trip and wasn’t expecting much for the price, but overall it surpassed my expectation. The fan only lasted two and a half nights (about 20 hours) on the high setting, but it lasted longer than the description said it would.

The light was nice and bright and lit up my whole tent. On the low setting, the fan only created a faint breeze, but on the high setting, I could feel the air on my face from 6-7 feet away. Having two hinges made it easy to point the fan and light in separate directions and overall I was happier with it than I thought I’d be.

This is the best camping fan I’ve found, the high setting is the most powerful I’ve felt, the light is great looking, there are so many ways to hang it and position it, and I like that it takes D batteries so I can just swap in new ones if I need.

Good Buy Great Price

I got 2 of these for camping 3 nights and had them on high all night each night as well as using the light for a couple of hours in the evening. The morning after the 3rd night one fan was dead and the second was running as fast as the slow setting usually does so I’d say these are good for 2.5 nights on high on 1 set of 2 D batteries each. I’m impressed.

I used this Led camping gear at the faster horses music festival and it was so nice to have!!! The light is great. Lite up my whole tent. The fan has two settings, low and high. I had it on high every night and it really makes a difference. I have a 3 person tent.

It takes 6 D batteries and I used it all night for 4 nights and accidentally had it on the whole 3 hours home in my bag and the batteries are still working. I didn’t use the light very long. Love it just hooks easily. Had it hooked in the top of my tent above me. Love this fan.

I love this camping gadget. I have a 12×12 tent that attaches to my teardrop camper. (Honestly, the entire camper could fit inside it) I plan on using this as a ceiling light, and the fact that it has a two-speed fan is the icing on the cake.

We originally bought this to hang in our tent as an impulse buy. We ended up with different sleeping arrangements and didn’t use it as much as planned. I did use it as a flashlight and tested out the fan a few times.

Led Headlamp Waterproof.

Very, Very bright lights; GREAT for running. You can see almost a full mile ahead of you plus all around you. You can adjust the scope of the light as well. Perfect for running trails/road in the dark.

When I first purchased this item and went running, the headlamp became extremely uncomfortable. I initially thought that I was wearing it too tight so I loosened it but then it started jiggling very badly. Then the top strap broke after a few miles. Seems very poorly put together.

I was so disappointed because the lamps put out so much light and I run early in the morning when it’s dark. I posted a negative review and the company contacted me immediately. Seems like I received a defective product.

The headlamp was missing the padding on the light housing that sits on your head and the straps were defective. They immediately sent me a replacement at no additional cost. Already used the replacement and it rocks! Great headlamp and great customer service. You cannot beat the price for this.

Plenty of Futures –   Firs Impressions

Right out of the box I was starting to wonder how anyone who received this product gave it anything above a one star. It feels terribly cheap (It is!) and the build quality is really low. It also has a very strange odor when you pull it out of its case. Just expect to feel a lot of plastic when you first touch the parts you may have expected to be aluminum.

=>I think that it’s the biggest shortcoming is definitely the battery housing. The cover that protects the 18650s and wiring is a soft piece of rubber that is merely held on by a little friction. No clasps or straps to ensure a tight water-resistant seal. I highly doubt that it would be able to endure heavy rain or just prolonged exposure to a wet environment. I would definitely prefer a plastic cover with a rubber gasket and some form of fastening to keep the pressure on the seal.

=>The lighting system, while only being housed in plastic is bright… just not anywhere as bright as they advertise. I would have to guess (comparing to some of my other flashlights) that it is closer to 1250-1500 lumens with all 3 lit. It is not noticeably brighter than my Thru-nite that is advertised as 1250 lumens.

The Good!

=>The weight of this headlamp is great! While this might be due to the lower quality build materials, it does allow it to be forgettable while it is on your head for extended periods of time.

=>The angle adjustment is not loose and does not hop around from movement over time. Often headlamps with a large set of lamps on the front can be annoying from having to readjust it numerous times during a hike, but this one does well.

=>The light focusing system works well! It is nice being able to adjust the central lamp from a wide angle down to a focal point that turns out to be just a square projection of the led chip.

=>From what I could tell the battery life is sufficient. I did not run out of juice and did not notice any decrease in the light’s brightness for a three-hour sojourn in the dark. I was, however, flipping through the light intensities since I rarely use the brightest settings unless I am setting up camp or attempting to see across a field.

=>The charging system is pretty decent. I like that the charger has a notification light to let you know when it is done charging. Just a convenient trait to have if you must charge the 18650s inside the headlamp.

=>The case is actually pretty solid and is convenient so that you do not lose the charger when using the headlamp. Just don’t lose that case now…


So overall I would say that this light is alright. It is really cheap and you can tell by handling it. However, that is what you should expect when paying less money for a headlamp with this many features. While the components are definitely a bit cheaper, they actually do a good job! (With exception to that battery cover) The battery cover is the only piece that kept this from being 5 stars and that leads me into my final thought.

While this headlamp can do a lot for a low price, it is the specs that it advertises and boldly puts out there that is far from accurate. It claims that it is “Waterproof” without giving any form of its rating, which should speak for itself alone.

Also, It claims to be 6000 lumens which are just an exaggeration. These parts are major selling points in headlamps and they know that because they have been quite fine with exaggerating this flashlight’s capabilities. If that is fine by you, then go for it. I think it is a fine flashlight for the price and will keep using it until it stops working.

I was contacted by the seller recently and have been shipped a secondary unit to evaluate and see if the overall build quality and light output was just from a faulty unit. I will update based on the findings and comparing the two units fully charged. I did up my rating from a 3 star to a 4 star in the meantime to account for customer service. Also, I have yet to run into any additional qualms when I expected by now it to stop working.

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