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Bakeware Baking Set 6-Piece Nonstick Oven

AmazonBasics Bakeware

A great gift idea, this AmazonBasics six-piece bakeware set offers an assortment of popular essentials. The pieces coordinate easily with an existing collection or make a great starter set for any new baker or cook.

At the end of a baking frenzy, you won’t be stuck with serious scrubbing or messy overnight soaking. The AmazonBasics nonstick bakeware set cleans up quickly and easily. Hand-washing is recommended to help protect the nonstick coating.

Reviews Say Good Set

love this set. The pans are a little smaller than some sets but they work well for when you only cook for 2-3 people. The quality seems great so far. I’ve had them for over a month and I use them constantly. No issues so far.

I use this every day. I needed a normal sized set (my stuff is in storage and I only had the tiny RV one). Super easy to clean, I will say the cookie sheet often buckles (99% of the time) in the oven, leaving one side of the meal overcooked and dry.

These are great. I love the cookie sheets. They’re especially good for someone just starting out. I love this set. It’s a great deal and a good set. I do wish a cookie sheet was included but I will find one that works as well.

Warps Quickly

The cookie sheet is already warped, and I have had it around a month, maybe less. It’s a breeze to clean though.

I really like the quality of the non-stickiness of these. Haven’t used them enough to see how durable they are, though.

The cookie sheet is really smaller than I realized, but I guess I should have just read the description and thought about it closer. Just know that it’s only big enough for like 6 good-sized cookies on it, or up to about 10 small cookies.

Best Bakeware for Your Buck.

After doing research, I realized this set was the best price for each bakeware item. I just started baking in earnest and I don’t want to spend wildly on baking tools when I’m a mediocre baker. These are actually standard sizes and trays across most of the recipes I’ve encountered. Used most of them already and am loving them.

But here we are. These little pans are fantastic. Each one has endured my baking abuse ranging from a 12lb Thanksgiving turkey to preparing for a bake sale. Excellent set.

Thanks to its heavy-weight, carbon-steel construction, the bakeware reliably resists warping and heats evenly throughout, so there are no hot spots to worry about, which can burn baked goods.

There’s nothing to dislike about this bakeware set. I made goetta and burned it a little, but clean up was easy. Cling wrap on the big rectangular pan kept the lasagna just right for days. I used the muffin pan to bake eggs.

Also, you can’t beat the price, a very basic baking set. We’ve put it to good use over the past month and no complaints.

Dry Thoroughly to Deter Rust

Basic bakeware was similar to what you would find at a large discount department store. The “dishwasher safe” rating isn’t to be trusted because these will rust once the slightest opening is found in the coating, likely starting under the lips at the edges.

Not especially heavyweight, yet not as flimsy as dollar store pans.

Calling the material “carbon steel” may sound special, but all steel is a mixture of iron and carbon. That is what makes steel!

The sizes provided are all very useful mid-range pans of their type. Price was not published yet when I received this set to evaluate, so I can’t comment on value.

Do you think it will rust?

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