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Cookware Scratch Resistant Titanium Nonstick Thermo-Spot Heat Indicator

Cookware Ultimate Hard Anodized Scratch Resistant

Enjoy the reliable cooking performance with T-Fal Ultimate hard-anodized nonstick cookware. Its innovative Thermo-Spot heat indicator lets you know when the pans are properly pre-heated—a critical component to sealing in moisture and delicious flavor, whether sautéing vegetables or searing steak.

Gone are the days of using multiple pans for one recipe. The ProGlide nonstick cooking surface provides superior food release and long-lasting durability. The Thermo-Spot technology provides an at-a-glance visual indication when the cookware has reached the right temperature for cooking. The even heat base delivers excellent results and helps prevent food from burning.

This pan holds 2-1/2 quarts filled to the brim. It is only 10 inches wide and 2-1/2 inches deep. I replaced a similar pan but it was much deeper. I wish my new pan was bigger.

Better Skillet to Cook Egge In

This is an absolutely incredible skillet. It heats the pan evenly and no matter what I put in it, it doesn’t stick. I have had this for two years now and it quickly became the only skillet I use. I have never had a better skillet to cook eggs in. I usually wash by hand as it is so easy to simply wipe clean, but do put it in the dishwasher on occasion to give it a deep clean.

Even after years of constant use, it does not show any signs of wear. None. I only use wooden or plastic utensils in it, but I am not overly cautious and am not shy with my stirring so have no ‘babied’ it at all. Extremely pleased with this product.

When Cooks Illustrated mentioned this as one of their favorites, I was highly dubious. “T-Fal Isn’t that sold at like TJ Max, but it’s a great pan. Comes up to speed quickly, has an even heat surface, and so far it’s kept its non-stick surface in good shape.

If you’re looking for a “daily” nonstick workhorse, I highly recommend this. Save the money you’d pay for an All-Clad nonstick and put it towards some copper core pieces instead.

The Best Cookware

Great quality, nice weight, good feeling handle with a non-slip grip, and decent non-stick capability (nothing’s quite as good as Teflon, but Teflon’s been banned; toxic-to-the-environment manufacturing process if memory serves).

The glass lid is sturdy, seals nicely have a sturdy non-slip handle, and a small hole to vent steam and protect from vacuum sealing the pan when it’s been off the heat for a while (which could be dangerous if you tried to force it off).

Now my husband and I make breakfast every weekend. He makes the bacon and hash browns in this pan, then I make sunny side up eggs. I turn the heat up to medium, spray a little Pam (for delicate edge crispness), add the eggs, cover the pan, leave it on the heat for 1 minute, and off the heat for 45 seconds, covered all the while.

Some Reviews

I can see through the glass lid (past the condensation) as the albumen over the yolks just cook, leaving the yolks nice and runny. I’ve found that a lot of restaurants don’t make good sunny side up eggs (raw albumen on top, yuck), but with this pan, they’re perfect every time!

There’s great depth to these pans. I can’t wait to make some of my favorite dishes that require a goodly volume and a good tight-fitting lid. Spinach and broccolini dishes come to mind.

After using these pans for a while, I’ve found that the shape is absolutely perfect for flipping whatever’s in the pan. In fact, if you shake the pan, it WANTS to flip. Great shape.

I spent hours researching what non-stick skillet to buy, and I’m so glad I settled on this one. I’ve owned it for a while now, and it’s held up great. I only hand wash it, but ANYTHING I cook in it washes right out — no soaking or scrubbing stuck-on egg or burnt-on cheese or sticky grease. I am so pleased. The one criticism I have is that the center circle doesn’t seem to do anything. I’m not sure what the point of that is. But it cooks nicely and evenly and is a cinch to clean, so I’m a happy lady.

Are You Looking for the Best Pan?

No, really. It’s an amazing pan. And yeah, I do have a soft spot for kitchen implements of all sorts. I was impressed with this pan from the start, but I’ve been burned before by pans that start off easy to clean and with an even heating surface and then end up staining, chipping, peeling, sticking or otherwise disappointing.

Nice Review

Not this one. I used it again this morning to cook Christmas breakfast and thought “Hey, I’ve had this pan for a while now… and it is still freaking amazing. I think it has earned its 5 stars.” And so here I am, sharing with you the Christmas miracle (purchased in June) that is this pan. If you ask Santa for one present that makes food hot – make it this pan.

Well-made pan feels sturdy and well built and the lid has a nice fit (with a small vent for steam to escape). It has nice high sides and seems to heat up very evenly. Clean-up is super easy! My only complaint is that the non-stick coating is too slippery sometimes (boo-hoo, right?).

When cooking ground beef and needing to break it up, it’s a little hard to do when the meat slides around so much. The non-stick coating on my old cookware had a little bit of texture to it so the meat didn’t slide around. That’s a small personal complaint that I can work around.

Spectacular cookware fry pan. I used it for the first time this morning and I am so pleased. I was able to cook over low to medium heat because this pan heats up so evenly and holds the heat. Nothing stuck to it and the butter I was using for taste did not get brown because I did not have to use high heat to get things cooked. The pan was super easy to clean. I just swiped it with a plain sponge and a little dish soap then rinsed in running water.


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