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Do Reviews Influences You on Your Shopping Decisions?


Do Reviews Influences You on Your Shopping Decisions?

These days, with the purchase behavior that everybody seems to have, its almost impossible to go shop online and not read what others shoppers has written, and experienced, with the product you’re looking to purchase.

The reviews are not only important when related to the product itself, but also is very important when is telling you what was the experience others had with the company or platform they’ve purchased from. I think you’re going to agree on that too.

The Giant Amazon is totally paranoic about Reviews. For Jeff Bazo, reviews are a way to keep customers happy and coming back to purchase more in the future. That’s probably one of the reasons that Amazon is so successful.

Whatever the reason is, online reviews have created a big impact on online purchasing behavior for over 93% of the consumers, as in this report suggested.

The study was released in 2017. Also, the report suggests that customers do trust and engage with online reviews regularly and these reviews remain very influential when it comes to making purchasing decisions. We hope that you as well take your time to read some reviews when looking to purchase some items on the internet.

The good ones and the bad ones is a tool that can eliminate mistakes that you could possibly make when purchasing something that you visibly can’t see. As you know, when looking at a product online, you can’t tell the quality. That’s when the reviews come in to help you make the decision.

Let’s look at some Reviews and try to understand what kind of influences they can cause on us. At the same time, I would like you guys to tell us if that review is related, somehow, to a product that you’re looking to purchase now.

Reading Reviews.

I’m a huge garlic lover, cook almost everything in garlic when possible. This product really is a life changer! Can’t believe I didn’t discover this earlier! Works great and super easy to use. Save me a lot of times and much much safer than doing it with a knife.

Before buying this product, I always chopped my garlic with knives. Not only it is very easy to get cut on my finger tips, but I also had the rotten smell left on my finger tips. Not any more! This thing makes both the peeling and smashing very easy. The handle fells very sturdy and high quality. Five stars.

We like to eat food with some garlic, this garlic grinder can press the garlic very small, just look like the picture I took. And it’s easy to clean, good 🙂

This product really is a life changer. Works great and super easy to use. Save me a lot of times and much much safer than doing it with a knife.

Cutter for Vegetable 

I enjoy using the kitchen cutter for cutting most of my vegetables. I would normally freeze the cut vegetables for later use. The kitchen cutter is fun and easy to use. I especially like the suction pad tab which making the base steady when pushing down the lever. I also think the kitchen cutter is a very nice looking model.
I love my new toy!!! I started using it the first night it came. It is a little tricky figuring out how to attach the different blades but once you get the hang of it – it became the center of attention. Everyone wanted to try it. I was making potato chips that evening and it worked so much better than the mandolin that was previously used. The slicing went quickly and without any fuss. I am using it now for everything.

Reading Reviews Two

We have used this paper towel for well over a year. Just recently they are tearing very poorly as if the perforations are not as well-made as they were a year ago.

We previously ordered these through subscribe and save but had to cancel because the “pick a size” perforation was faulty. Essentially you could not get the smaller size to tear correctly. They had the appearance of perforation however they would not tear. I know it sounds like a silly issue but with two younger kids, the smaller paper towel option comes in handy. After the third case, yes we tried two more times, the value and convenience just aren’t worth the frustration.

These are great paper towels at a great price. I get them on subscribe and save monthly. One problem with them is occasionally they have a musty smell to them. My only other issue is at times the glue that keeps the paper towels to the cardboard comes loose. My guess is when they are in a hot truck? Neither of those issues keeps me from getting them. Just something to be aware of.

I should have listened to the other negative reviews. 3 of the 6 Nespresso boxes showed up smashed when the Amazon box it was packaged in looked brand new. About half the pods are useless in the smashed boxes. Tried several with even ‘smaller’ dents and the Nespresso Machine will not work properly. LISTEN TO EVERYONE AND DO NOT BUY THESE.

I’ve messaged the company asking for a replacement. Waiting to hear back. For those who own a Nespresso, you know how the machine does not accept damaged pods. It jams the machine.
13 pods out of 50 were mostly undamaged. The remaining pods were damaged in some degree from dented, collapsed sides, to dented tops. 37 pods are damaged in a way that makes me unsure if they will work. That is unacceptable. If a few were damaged, fine, but this is absurd. I want this to be made right, and I will update my review.

The Best Ones

I tried to quit you, Nespresso. I tried cheaper alternatives, I really did. I told myself you were too expensive for me. But your own capsules are what made me buy a Nespresso machine in the first place, and it turns out that nothing else comes close.You’re too smooth, too rich, too perfect for me to give up.

I just can’t quit you. I’m done trying out every other brand on the market. From now on, it’s just you and me.

I tried to buy the cheaper knock-off capsules but I couldn’t bring myself to do it. After reading 7984619203984 reviews on the “other” capsule products I bit the bullet and bought the real deal for my Nespresso Inissia Espresso Machine…


These Capsules are really all they’re cracked up to be. I also have the milk frother… I usually make a capsule, and froth some milk and Italian sweet cream flavored creamer and viola! As good as a $5 latte at the fancy local coffee shop for 1/4 the price. I REALLY can’t complain about the cost of these babies when I would happily pay nearly $3 for a McDonald’s latte which isn’t nearly as good.

I think my favorite flavors thus far are Cappricio, Roma, and Arpeggio.

In Conclusion.

Reviews are good but some time confuses you as well. Therefore, when purchasing online, reading the reviews can always be helpful as long as you can create a balance from the good and bad ones.

Please, write reviews after your online purchase. By doing so, you’re helping another shopper!

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