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Nickelodeon’s Best Shows from the 90’s

Reptar pillow buddy from their favorite 90's TV show

Where you a Teen in the 90’s, and do you remember the Nickelodeon’s best shows from the ’90s? I bet you do. Most of those I’ve talked to lately about those shows in the 90s, remember how it was.

The perfect travel companion, pillow buddies enjoy adventures in the car, being carried around the house and snuggling at nap and bedtime too. Character pillow buddies are plush and soft to the touch. Pillow buddies have super cozy fill so you can rest your head on them comfortably.

Each pillow buddy design makes you feel like your favorite Rugrats are just a hug away. Easy care, spot clean polyester. Imported.

Let’s take it back to the ’90s with Nickelodeon’s best shows. Children of all ages are sure to love the Reptar pillow buddy from their favorite 90’s TV show, the Rugrats.Unicorn Face on Microsoft Windows 10 May 2019 Update

Nickelodeon’s Best Shows.

Nickelodeon has brought back the decade that was all that and a bag of chips. This collection of apparel, accessories, toys, and items for your home celebrates Nickelodeon’s history of iconic, funny and irreverent characters and salutes the kids of the ’90s.

What Do People say?

We love it! It’s so big and soft. It’s made well and from good material. The colors are vibrant. My 8-month-old baby loves it. He smiles every time he sees it. It’s almost as big as he is. Having the chance of him growing up with something from my childhood is the best. 100% satisfied.

So, you most definitely get what you pay for when you buy this Reptar! I must admit I was a little skeptical because I have a hard time finding good quality plushies online and I am even pickier about what I want. He’s pretty sizable too! I love how authentic this Reptar plush is.

He’s super soft and not too squishy that he sags into himself or anything. I’m just really impressed by the quality of this toy and I couldn’t be happier. I would recommend getting this for any 90s kid that grew up with Rugrats.

My 3 year old loves dinosaurs and I grew up watching rugrats so I was super excited when I found this stuffed reptar. She absolutely loves it. It’s a nice size and stuffed quite well, but not so much that it’s stiff.

Babies Love the Reptar 

This is great for any Rugrats collector. The Rugrats favorite REPTAR. Bigger than expected. Well made. A great addition to any collection.

Not only babies but also adults love this. I bought it so I could keep a plush at my boyfriend, it’s a great blast from the past. Reptar is a little bit stiff but still snuggleable. I inevitably end up racking my bf if I snuggle him so he’s definitely happy for me to have Reptar instead.

This is a great quality stuffed animal and a good size. My grandson was thrilled I was able to find one. Bigger than expected but made my kid happy so momma is happy. He loves Reptar.

Look, my kids love them today, but one day I used to love them myself. I am not regretting, I am just able to remember the Nickelodeon’s Best Shows from the ’90s that made me so happy back then.

How about you, what you’ve in memory from those years when you were a kid or a teen. If you’ve seen the Nickelodeon’s Best Shows from the ’90s, leave a comment and share with us your memories.

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