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The best way to find out if something you want to purchase on the internet, it is worth, is by reading the reviews. That’s why today I am bringing a number of reviews on Garlic Press. I hope you enjoy to discover what people think about this kitchen utensil.

So Let’s go straight to the reviews.

How did I miss writing a review on this?! So you may be thinking to spend $20ish bucks for a garlic press. You have lost your mind. Yes, this is what my mother and doh said. You could spend as little as $7, which I don’t recommend. Or as much as $44+ and as you will guess I wouldn’t recommend that one either.

So what can be said about a garlic press? If it works it works right? Well, this does work. I have had it for over a year with no problems. No sticking of the handles, no rust, easy to clean. I use it daily if not multiple times a day as I cook meals for two other households as well so honestly at times it gets used 15x a day when cooking up monthly meals.

Will anyone notice it no? Honestly, you will use it and never give it another thought until your at someone’s house and use their crappy one and think with your inside voice what a piece of crap your friend has and then hey this would be a good gift for Christmas for them (only if their serious about food)! Or you may have to fend off a said friend when they use yours. Will you wax poetically about it? Probably not but if you do please send it to me! I can always use a good laugh.

Great garlic press that takes little effort to get maximum results. Does a great job on garlic, but it is awesome at juicing Key Limes. When making Key Lime pies it literally takes 1/3 the number of limes to get the juice needed when compared to a conventional manual juicer. Easy cleanup just adds to the bargain that is the best.

Vampires Beware

I am armed with my new Propresser Garlic Press! This is the sturdiest, best-made garlic press I have ever used. It works just like you see on TV cooking shows. Unfortunately, I have never had a press that replicated that effortless processing of garlic in real life, until now. The little basket (I call it the “anvil”) that holds the garlic is permanently attached, although it swings free of the sections with handles so it can be cleaned easily. I know it’s an overused term, but this tool is definitely professional grade.

This Saturday, we had our annual Firefighters’ Appreciation BBQ. I cut crosshatching in a big loaf of sourdough bread, stuffed the cuts with cheese, and brushed the whole thing with a half-dozed large cloves of garlic, crushed and swimming in a stick of melted butter. The Firefighters loved it, although I heard one Battalion Chief mutter something about starting fires with his breath.

Wow, we used the zyliss aluminum garlic press for years, but the finish just kinda decayed. We tried a green plastic dish with teeth that mulch garlic and that was ok but hard to clean and get all your goods out. My wife hated that one. We just bought on a blog recommendation a red-handled stainless steel one, but when it arrived it was flimsy as could be.

Used it twice and started looking for alternatives. Found the review for this one and said it must be good. Came the next day and it is outstanding. Great finish, heft, looks durable and works great on garlic. It has only been 3 days and 3 uses but I am happy to not have to think about garlic presses anymore. Of course, now I have to decide which child to leave it to in my will 🙂

Best Garlic Press

I’m really happy with this garlic press. I bought one that was from a different company and it broke immediately upon use. This garlic press is made from stainless steel and is very sturdy. It’s probably the best garlic press I’ve ever used.

I’m highly satisfied with this purchase, and truthfully, after using the item. I’m never going to be buying garlic press that is not stainless steel. This garlic press will likely last a really long time because of how well it’s built and the quality of material used.

Have you got yours yet?

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