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Hello everyone! This is Gabe Lucena from goods & things, I am going to be doing blog posts on this website from now and on while. My Dad works on another website.

I’m also gonna be posting daily, so stay tuned! but that’s not the main part of this post, we are making a thanksgiving special! all prices for all products will drop down a bit, and the kitchen scissors are becoming free again!

They will come as an addition with every product you purchase, for free! with no extra cost!

but there’s more! there will be some new limited time products for the thanksgiving special, some new Youtube videos, and much much more! but there’s even more ! since December is coming up we have a lot packed for you. But we cant spoil too much, you will just have to wait until we talk about that.

The Thanksgiving sale beings Wendesday, November 17th, and ends Thursday, December 2nd!

stay tuned!

Gabe Lucena

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