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Introducing: The Thanksgiving special!

Everything you need to know for Thanksgiving and Christmas on Goods & Things!

Hello, everybody! Welcome to the thanksgiving special! This article will be about everything you need to know before it begins! The special will begin at about 2:15 PM. But before reading this, I recommend reading the G.&.T.N blog post. Now, lets begin!

This Thanksgiving special has about 7 – 8 phases, each one comes at a different date. phase 1 begins today, while the other phases happen every few days. Each phase could be sales, changes, Youtube and blog posts, and much more! Of course, your feedback will also be answered overtime and improve on the website! Also, since Black Friday is coming up, we have a lot in store for you! Further details coming soon! \

Now lets talk about whats coming for Christmas! Coming Soon in December, are product packs! Product packs are 2 – 5 products packed in one price! lets talk about 1 of them! It is, The Classical Pack! The Classical Pack is a pack of our two mains items that have been talked about on our channel since day 1, The Garlic Press, & The Electric Can Opener! If your not aware of the instructions on how to use them, look on our Youtube Channel!

Thats it for today, Stay tuned!

Gabe L.

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